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BookExpo is a cultural, social and educational project that aims to encourage the habit of healthy reading. We believe that reading the Bible and spiritual books is capable of transforming people's lives and, consequently, families and society.

BookExpo aims to make people aware of God's plan for their lives.

Our sentiment is God's sentiment: to save people, so that the afflicted may find peace, the lost may be found and saved, and the scattered may be reunited. May everyone hear God's call, meet Him and be greatly blessed.

End of the mission with BookExpo

Thanks be to the Lord we have finalised the Expolivro's performance in this first semester in Europe. We passed through 12 countries and set foot in 33 cities, where we saw the power of the Prophetic Word, which comes out of the mouth of God for this Continent. This power was manifested in the lives of the people on the streets, also in the work of the team and in the churches where Expolivro passed through. 

The text "everything will live wherever this river passes" in Ezekiel 37:9, was very clear and real in these days. Many miracles occurred, strongholds were overthrown, concepts and excuses fell to the ground, because the work is God's! We are only His channels on this earth. The Lord has given us much more than we ask and think. 

Salvation and renewal has come to this continent! We will go forward, advancing each day more, we can not settle, because the Lord is in a hurry to return!

We thank you for all your prayerful support during these days of activity.

Mapa das cidades onde o BookExpo esteve
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